About Our Initiative

Why are we making masks?

We decided to join the makers and the doers who, in response to COVID-19, have stepped up to help our families, friends, clients and communities get back to their day-day and stay safe and healthy while doing so. Our Technical Design Team, using the latest in healthcare data, as well as their strong sense of style, developed a very cool reusable, machine-washable filtered protective mask. We then transformed our sample making and alterations facilities into a production line for adult and children-size fabric masks. NDSTRY the Wear-to-Work was born.

About the NDSTRY Mask

 What is the NDSTRY Mask and Filter made of?

  • • The body of the mask is constructed using dense and durable (but still soft) Cotton & Cotton-Blend Fabrics. *CDC Recommended
  • • The ear-loops are made of soft elastic.
  • • The filter is 2 Ply Thermal bonded NON-woven ElectroPressed Polyamide

*Colors and materials may vary slightly. We can't guarantee exact color shade/fabric every order but we DO guarantee continuity of quality and supply.

What makes the NDSTRY Mask unique?

  • • This a Wear-to-Work or Wear-to-School Mask
  • Stylish, Reusable, Comfortable, Durable, Washable, Effective
    • • Per CDC Recommendations: 3-ply when accompanying disposable filter is inserted
    • • Soft stretch ear-loops
    • • Flexible nose piece
    • • Available in TWO sizes
    • • Regular – Adult sized
    • • Small - Petite Adult/Child sized
    • CDC recommends cloth coverings should NOT be placed on young children under the age of 2 (See Guidelines).
    • Sizes

    Small: 5.25" H x 8" W

    Regular: 6.5" H x 8" W

Is it FDA approved?

Adjusting NDSTRY Mask

  • Too small
  • Too Big

Wearing face masks is something most of us are learning to get used to, but if your mask feels too tight and pinches your ears, find something like a shoestring, rubberband, or even a paper clip and feed it through both ear loops. Secure it around your head to the appropriate tightness level. The mask should feel taut on your face, but be comfortable to wear.

If your mask needs tightening, we don't currently have hardware to tighten, but have provided a nifty knot that has helped us.

If your mask feels too big to fit securely over your nose and mouth, first make sure you’ve hand-washed your mask. This will help make the mask fit snug on your face. Then, tie a small knot on each ear loop to shorten them. This results in some of the excess elastic being tied behind each ear. See illustration below

My eyeglasses get foggy when wearing the mask. Any tips?

How to Care for My Mask?

Remove the filter and discard. Hand wash mask with soap & water after each use.

• Do NOT wash filter. Filter should be disposed of after each use.

• Wash mask before wearing.

• Hang dry in a clean and dry location. Do NOT tumble dry

• Warm iron if needed.

About the Filter

What kind of filter are you using?

2 Ply Thermal bonded Non-woven Electropressed Polyamide

Where does the filter go?

Insert 1 filter in the mask’s interior pocket.

What is the Purpose of the filter?

Per the CDC - The filter adds a 3rd layer of very tough to penetrate material to the mask making it that much more effective.

Are Filters reusable? How often should Filters be replaced?

Masks are completely Reusable.

Filters are NOT,  It is recommended that Filters be replaced after each day (8 hours) of use.

How do I Purchase more filters?

Filter packs can be re-ordered in 7 or 30 days packs, in a monthly Subscription or in bulk

Placing NDSTRY Mask Orders

How do I order for my company/organization?

We are now offering Corporate Branded and NON-Branded NDSTRY Mask Programs. Click the link to learn more.

What comes in an order?

  • (3) NDSTRY masks
  • (5) disposable filters *Filter refills are also sold separately in 10-packs

Corporate/Business/Group Orders? Can you add our logo?

We are now offering Corporate Branded NDSTRY Mask Programs.

Logo Information

Sublimated: vivid color and lightest weight on face

Embroidered: more 3D and heavier

Logo placed on either Top or Top Right side of Mask

Standard logo size is 2x2" or smaller. There will be a cost increase for larger sizes

Delays in the artwork approval process will result in extended lead time.

Logo set-up lead time: 3-4 days

How soon will I receive my order after it is placed?

  • We are shipping large quantities of masks every day. Due to massive demand, and our need to also supply essential front-line workers, there may be limited lead-times, and they are posted on the ordering page   We are diligently working to speed up our process and will notify you by email once your order ships.
  • The Good news is that the lead-times are decreasing rapidly and there will be same and next-day shipping in the coming weeks.  
  • FILTER Pack order will ship within 24 Hours

How much does shipping cost?

Individual orders for 3-pack masks - $5.00

Corporate orders – Shipping cost based on size of order and ship to location

What if I want to cancel or return my order?

  • • At placement, your order is submitted directly to a local contractor for assembly, so we cannot allow cancellations.
  • • This is a personal use item and is NON-RETURNABLE.