RTUT has joined ICO Uniforms

We are excited to announce that on December 14, 2022, Red the Uniform Tailor has been acquired by ICO Uniforms!

With this next big step in our journey, we will not only be able to offer the design, consultancy and services we always have, but take your uniform program to the next level leveraging ICO's expansive and ever-modern in-stock line, global production strategy and internal resources to provide an elevated uniform experience.


Casinos have front and back of house programs, some of which need to be custom, and others which can be met by stock or modified stock programs. RTUT is able to provide a program that is designed to complement your property.

Our uniform consultants will meet with property management to look at your branding needs, the casino decor, and the specific requirements of individual departments. A close and on-going relationship is built between our staff and yours.

Theme Parks

Employees become character actors as they perform their park duties — whether they are selling food, maintaining the grounds, working in logo-filled stores or working on the shows. Their uniforms are part costume/ part uniform.

Red the Uniform Tailor has partnered with theme parks around the world to blend the uniform look of park employees with the excitement and joy of park environments and their diverse themes.