About Us

Who are we?

At ICO, we believe that everyone deserves to feel and look their best while on-the-job. We are a collaborative Uniform design firm and manufacturer motivated by a dual passion to produce stylish, authentic, well-made clothing for the modern workforce (clothing that we actually wear), while relentlessly pursuing a better uniform experience for our clients and their stakeholders tasked with managing the uniform process.

Our continuously evolving, killer in-stock collection provides the foundation for next-level curated, branded Wardrobe Programs. Our supply chain-flexible approach to production allows clients to creatively, sustainably and continuously dress the people that bring their brand to life and propel their organization forward.

We love what we do. We take our business very seriously but ourselves NOT so much. Our general ethos is that we like to surround ourselves with cool, good, interesting and interested people who try to do great things, and our Mission is to align with image-focused, brand-centric client-partners who share some of the same core beliefs.